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By on May 24, 2013
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Nature’s Secret to youth and Vitality: Alpha Lipoic Acid


What do eggs, spinach and red meat all have in common? They are all natural resources of one of the most powerful super anti- oxidants on the planet: alpha lipoic acid.
What are anti-oxidants and why are they so important? Over time, through the course of our daily lives, we are continuously exposed to pollution and damaging toxins from food and our environment. These leave the body vulnerable to free radicals which eventually tear down and damage the cells. Overtime this can lead to premature aging and other degenerative disorders including: Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Anti-oxidants do just the opposite. They work to minimize free radical damage and reverse and repair cellular damage that is done over time.

Screen shot 2013-05-24 at 12.45.21 PM

There is a long list of benefits related to the supplement ALA. One of the biggest and sometimes over looked benefits is to help in the cleaning and maintenance liver function. In Chinese medicine the liver and kidneys are valued more so than even the heart. This is because absolutely everything that is taken into the body whether it is oral, through the lungs, or dermis, is eventually processed in the liver. This makes it a very important organ for optimal daily health and function. ALA specifically targets the liver, stripping it of all oxidative damage and giving it the breathing room for healthy functioning. It also in turn aids the immune system as a result. This is because when toxicity levels are down in the body, the immune response in naturally stronger.

One of the other more notable benefits is its ability to reverse the aging process. By reversing cell damage, the aging process is also slowed. It is not uncommon to notice a significant difference is skin tone after even a few weeks of supplementing with ALA. Energy levels rise, blood sugar levels stabilize and cholesterol levels drop. ALA is a key ingredient for anyone dealing with diabetes as it lowers glucose levels and reverses other diabetic side effects like glaucoma. ALA tones the nervous system and sharpens brain function. And because it is a free radical destroyer, ALA is great for preventing and reversing cancer.

ALA is no ordinary anti-oxidant. It’s the king of them. For the purpose of supplementation there are varying levels that one can take. More than anything it depends on the individual. Levels can carry from 100 to 1500mg per day. Of course, if you are new to its benefits you would want to start out slow and work your way up. Daily averages are between 200 and 500 for maintenance. There are no major reported side effects except that it can interfere with the boy’s ability to absorb biotin, therefore supplementing with biotin while entertaining a high daily dosage is recommended. ALA is water soluble and any unnecessary or excess levels of ALA are removed through the kidneys.
If you are looking to be reborn- at least physically, give ALA a try. It’s worth the energy boost you will get and the great skin you will see!