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By on February 17, 2014
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Music, the universal language that like love translates something unique to everyone in any of the 6,000 languages that exist. Music is the space between reality and another dimension that we long to be a part of. Music; whether it has words or not, has the ability to transform our thoughts, our emotions, and our bodies into whatever form that it desires. The promiscuous seductress that every being finds themselves embraced by; music is plays a role in various lives as various forms. In the absence of a lover; music caresses the ear and enters the body completely. Music is the counselor or the friend that will listen to you cry without saying a word. Music is the life coach that forces you upon the pole in the morning or the trainer that tells you to“TrainHarder”.

For many music is the puppet master that coerces them move without conscious permission. Since the beginning of time; music has consistently evolved. Depending on the melody, the music takes the body into various twists, turns, and waves of motion. Bass influences strong movements while soft piano melodies are more sensual and speak to the senses in other ways. From Mozart to Massive Attack; the genres of music have a flavor for everyone to indulge in. I have had several dancers tell me that certain songs posses them to attempt pole techniques that they did not think they were capable of….

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In my interview with Jamilla Deville she stated that “…music is everything! I never seem to tire of ‘As The Rush Comes’. It gives me energy and transports me to another place. I find a range of genres bring out the best in me on the pole. Typically I prefer dramatic songs, but that could mean good chill-out mixes, movie soundtracks, rock or electronic.”

Various studies have been conducted to understand the connection between the human mind, body, and music. Music is defined as a neurological experience that takes place by intertwining parts of the cerebral cortex and cerebellum as the temporal lobe takes in the rhythms and processes the information such as the pitch and volume. There’s so many dynamics and parts of the brain that work together once the sound is delivered into the numerous brain compartments. For many, music activates the visual cortex which allows people to see images while listening to music, thus enabling one to move in ways they may not have imagined before.
Music mystically triggers memories and evokes emotional responses universally like no other language can. Music causes even babies to move to it’s undeniable rhythm. Gracefully, the art of music sensually guides the body into motion and tempts souls of any age to ROCK and to ROLL.


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