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By on February 17, 2014
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Singing Poledancer?

Vertical Interviews – Sienna Spalding,

Pole Superheroine by Lori Myers

Photography by Danny Inglewood

Styling by Giovanni Lopez


At first glance, one might not guess that, as a child, Sienna Spalding had perfect grades and was teacher’s pet. It would not be fair – for her to be so beautiful and smart. Her first taste of rebellion happened early – in fourth grade at a Christian school where students were required to wear plain white socks. Sienna realized that maybe being the “good girl” was not all it was cracked up to be after she wore socks with red hearts and got in trouble. It was then that Sienna Spalding known to the pole world, the “fearless defender of girl power,” was born.

As it turns out, Sienna is beautiful, smart and talented. Sienna has loved singing since she was young and comes from a musical background. Her aunt has been on Broadway for 20 years. Sienna began her own voice lessons at only eight years old, training in opera and Broadway, but would describe her current style as more commercial. Her music has a touch of sweet and a splash of naughty. She is not only a gifted singer but a professional dancer and make-up artist as well. Sienna began pole dancing three years ago. Initially self-taught using YouTube videos, she now calls BeSpun home. A true pole rock star, she loves to pole fast and hard with heavy emphasis on dancing and strong tricks. She is also a regular go-go dancer at AV Nightclub in Los Angeles where she uses her aerial skills to deliver champagne bottles to guests via ropes suspended from the ceiling.

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Sienna first combined her love of pole and singing at Girl Next Door – A Pole Dance Soirée. She sang Rihanna’s Rockstar a cappella then delved into her pole performance with two male back-up dancers. Her next endeavor was to sing one of her original songs while holding a microphone during her entire pole performance. She also performed with Audra Bennett, Lindsey Kimura and Adrienne Strauss at BeSpun’s Pole Show LA in 2012. Their Alice in Wonderland themed performance was set to Sienna’s original song, Wonderland. The artistic set pieces were also created by Sienna.

What happens when Sienna Spalding, singing sensation and pole superstar needs a break? Her alter-ego, Sisi, enters the picture. Sisi is the Clark Kent to Sienna’s Super(wo)man. Sienna may be the rock star super heroine, but Sisi, slightly nerdy and still sexy, keeps Sienna grounded and reminds her of the little girl who once decided that white socks were boring. There is no rest for Sisi either, as she is generally the one responsible for song-writing and recording. Lately, the super duo has been producing videos for Sienna’s YouTube channel, SiennaSpaldingTV, which allows fans the opportunity to have a peek into Sienna’s life. Not only can you watch her music videos and dance reels, but you can listen to advice on make-up and accessories or watch behind-the-scenes footage.

Many dream of a life filled with music and dancing, but so few get to actually live that dream. Sienna Spalding is one very lucky lady to be living the dream and the pole industry is fortunate to have such a multi-talented artist in its midst. Who could have predicted that years ago, a decision by a sweet, young girl to rebel against white socks would lead to the creation of Sienna Spalding: Singer. Dancer. Artist. Polestar Extraordinaire.

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