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Brianna Jackson

Saving My Sanity by Stripping

Most laugh when I admit that I love to pole dance; their ignorance cannot get their opinions past the high heels and small outfits. Selecting to blur strength and talent with stripping off clothes and exercising by grinding on a pole. People like my parents, who selectively hear the grades I make on hard exams, not the hard move I accomplished that made me proud. It is what it is though. I have to actively stop my mind from dreaming for four thirty to arrive to be in my studio, and focus on my professor explain the role of Chemokines rather than daring to try the move I watched Aletheado.

As much as I appreciate Niels Bohr and Einstein for everything they’ve done in the past to influence the scientific community I one day plan to be a part of… my true heroes and inspirations are the beautiful women I’ve seen turn the sport I love into effortless art. Women like Sarah Jade and Felix Cane, with such grace and confidence in a single stride, confidence that a twenty year old college student wishes she had. When pressures of twelve straight hours of engineering classes and exams break me, a dance studio is my only saving grace. Stress and frustrations don’t matter as soon as I step foot on the wooden floors broken up by metal poles that arch for the sky.

My euphoria, my secret Eden. The vibrant pink walls reflect to my cheeks as I blush from happiness and adrenaline. Formulas don’t exist here, nor time, just perseverance and sweat. Heights most people fear to fall from I nobly accept the challenge, because pole dancing gives you confidence and courage. It accepts all sizes and boundaries, rather than knock you down like premedical education does, pole fitness wants you to push yourself in the time frame you need. Sometimes love chooses us, pole dancing saved my sanity.

It was and is what I need when I don’t feel like life is where it should be at the moment. Stigma’s that college presents, dating and grades; trying to find your fit in the population of nearly 7 billion as you search for who you want to become. None of that matters when you’re doing what you love, when you finally get the Iron Man after two months of sweat. It is as if the only time I am genuinely happy is when I am dancing, no one is watching it is just me, with all the guards down. I continue to walk through the halls of UCF as a ghost leading a double life, future scientist and pole dancing enthusiast, questioning if I am on the right path.