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By on December 25, 2012
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The End Of The world.

From a creative perspective, our theme for Issue 5 is a bit of a coup d’état. The subject of the Apocalypse has been a favorite of filmmakers, painters, and writers since the beginning of time, which in itself holds an element of irony. When we considered our options for the visual and editorial approach to our ‘doomsday’ issue, we found ourselves with our tongues firmly planted in our cheeks. Vertical is about optimism, empowerment, and the ability to overcome adversity through the power of the pole. The consensus of public opinion, and our opinion as well, is that the impending predictions surrounding the Mayan calendar will prove to be yet another erroneous belief in a long series of false prophesies. As we pondered and bantered about the many doomsday scenarios humanity has faced, someone flippantly threw out the line “All’s well that ends well”. And with that, the editorial direction for the magazine was born.

Our slant for the issue became a bit of puzzle. We wanted stories that began with an aspect of personal struggle, challenge, or chaos. The types of stories that take us from potential defeat to ultimate triumph -doomsday stories with happy endings. Our creative department pushed the boundaries a bit further – even to the point of absurdity – in some of the concepts they brought to the photo editorials. We wanted to create visuals to match the articles, and the idea of our featured talent whimsically performing, while oblivious to the destruction surrounding them, seemed to have just the right dose of levity to satisfy our sense of humor. Leigh Ann Reilly, owner of BeSpun Pole Studio in Hollywood, was gracious enough to allow us to invade her space with our smoke machines, photo gear, crew, and general lunacy. Our shoot made it difficult for BeSpun to continue ‘business as usual’ whilst we took over the studio pretending the world was ending. So to Leigh Ann and Everyone at BeSpun, Vertical sends a big thank you! We did capture some amazing images for our End Of World issue. But as they say ~ All’s well that ends well.