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By on December 17, 2012
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Birth of the Alter Ego by FELIX CANE


“ I was excited, alive … seized! – FELIX CANE

Those of us who pole dance understand it. We know that pole dancing is a journey, a journey involving challenge, discovery, trials and tribulations. However, “Pole Dancing” as a phrase has had a terrible stigma attached to it since before the very first pole fitness studios started opening up. Many of our early entrepreneurs foraying into studio ownership were declined spaces to build studios because of incorrect, misinformed connotations associated with the words “pole” and “dance”. The initial perception of pole dancing for many people can still be infected with negativity and incorrect assumptions. Yes, we are making progress with the general public – we have progressed with great strides – but aside from the rationalized mainstream understanding that pole dance is fitness using a pole and allows people who choose it to feel sexier, those of us who truly dance know it also offers so much more.

Everyone can pole dance, but pole dancing may not be for everyone. After one’s first class, one is more or less decided whether or not this is something they wish to keep doing or if it was just a one off bucket list item. For those who decide to keep going, beyond the dedication of time, money, blood and bruises, pole dance requires more and more of YOU! Pole dance has the wonderful quality that the more you do it, the more you love it…and it can bring out many multi-dimensional qualities of your personality – including untapped facets that you didn’t know were there or existed. Be it the sassy vixen inside the apparently shy or timid lass or the strong Amazonian warrior beneath a reserved and unassuming exterior.

People often ask how to “let go” or tap into a new persona, exotic creature. Giving yourself a new name and a new identity can allow you a means to nurture creative growth and exploration in your personality. I know that personally my nerves are calmed because I play the character of “Felix Cane” and I know that she can handle the pressure. It’s almost super hero like, having an alter ego who is strong, powerful and confident. Your pole dancing alter ego can bring you great strength and teach you to shine in other parts of your life.

Immersing myself in pole – taking it more seriously – was a key turning point in my life. It is where I found a new, deeper, better version of me. I did this to the extreme. Goodness, ask my parents, who were and remain supportive, but can you imagine when I told them that I wanted to immediately be fully immersed by pole dancing!? To the exclusion of all other things! I dropped out of the University and redirected my future career path from Geneticist to Pole Dancer. It was pivotal for me. I was excited, alive…seized!

Change in your own future can be as dramatic as mine or more subtle by committing to virtually any activity or decision you are passionate about. Turning points alter the way that you live, breathe and think. In terms of pole dancing, fitness increases and you start including more activities that compliment your passion. You join Facebook groups, add hundreds of pole dancers to your network, scour Youtube for performances, you seek studios and online schools to enroll in. You walk with more swagger, feel stronger, sexier, leaner, and empowered. You buy a pole, pole magazines, terminology guides, your first pole outfit and maybe even develop the desire and drive to teach or perform your passion in front of an audience for the first time in your life.

On a more physical level, as your strength, fitness and flexibility improve; you will find that your progress plateaus as you become more accustomed to your workout routine. Your body needs an extra push or increase in the difficulty of training to move to the next level with your body. Evolving your workout as your body changes is the key to keeping yourself challenged and to maintaining your fitness progression…and to tapping into new facets of YOU. Each time you reach your goals you are reborn as a new and improved version of you.

Having such a challenging skill as our passion means that we are constantly driven to be better and stronger versions of ourselves. We strive to be greater and greater each day and to punch the validity of our passion right into the face of mainstream. It is our duty to be good citizens in our community, to be sharing and caring, to re-educate the public and make sure that they come away from each interaction with us and each pole performance with a new and amended idea of how remarkable pole is !
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