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By on October 1, 2012
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Timber Brown gave me a different perspective on the world of pole. He had laid back demeanor with a constant positive outlook in his speech. In our ever growing evolution of pole dance we find ourselves intertwining with other art forms. Pole Dancing as we know it, is a sport dominated by women. There are a few men in the mix, but only recently has the scales begun to shift. Lately, champion and celebrity pole dancers are looking to “Chinese Pole”, a Sport dominated by Men, to inspire new movements. This is drawing men into our community from other art forms like circus, gymnastics and dance. This has helped our community to evolve, incorporating a more masculine approach, with more experimentation with the apparatus itself.

Which brings me to Timber Brown.

Screen shot 2013-06-18 at 6.33.48 PMTimber explained to me, that while pole dancing is still in its infancy, the Art of Pole has been around for a long time and has gone through many transformations. He tells me a rubber coated pole can be of great use to the common pole studio. Although he says a “pole is a pole is a pole,” depending on its width, height and texture we are limited to certain movements. The main advantages to a rubber pole are its shock absorbance and grip properties. Because of this beginners would benefit by less bruising, less slipping and more practice to overcome the move you want to achieve. You would be able to wear clothes on the pole which would be a great way to draw in men and more clients to your co-ed studio. A lot of men are interested in learning Pole but, are discouraged by a studios presentation and/or class requirements. Timber made me realize that by installing a rubber pole you could create new classes and draw in another demographic of customers. Many pole studios bring in Lyras and silks but isn’t it obvious to bring in a rubber pole? No, because we are uneducated about them and they aren’t really on the market.

Timber now is working on a way to “Timber your Pole,” with not only rubber but with all kinds of new and creative things to enhance your movement vocabulary. I am very excited to see where Timber fits into our community, and how pole will evolve in terms of the apparatus and rigging!

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